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Other interests  STAR WARS, models, cars, F1, music, etc


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Techno Games World Record Rocket Car - Lightstorm

Future plans

RobotWars - Lightning


Film Ideas

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CALVERTFILM on YOUTUBE - my main video channel

'The War of the Starfighters' HERE. Reckoned to be the first CG feature length (76 mins) movie made by one person.
'Monsters of the ID' HERE my second Computer Generated (CG) feature.
See below for more short movies. Above for free downloads.

A regularly updated web site. Thank you for visiting. My most recent updates:

Updated 4th Oct 2014 to my general diary page HERE

Updated 24th Sept 2011 to 'Robot' diary HERE


Some movies below are unofficial, Made by a fan for fans. Others are original pieces. Click on an underlined word to find out details. Please feel free to Email me, preferably with nice comments. Here is a selection of what I do (I have made well over 425 films at home).


X-Wing (Star Wars)

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Starfighters (Comp Gen) feature

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Monsters of the Id (CG) feature

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The Intrepid Finale (Trek)

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Frog (CG)

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The Lightning Wars (CG) feature

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Creatures of Hate (Daleks)

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Attack of the Vortagons (CG)

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Going to Extremes (rocketry)

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Thunderkids (Thunderbirds)

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Wheeler Dealers  (Spoof)

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Stunnas (fantasy)

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Johnny Lightspeed (sci-fi)

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Various car videos (docu)

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Robot Workshop (docu)

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Site created March 2000.         



I am a LACI member of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (IAC) up to early 2013. Check their site HERE.


Click HERE to see what film awards I have won